Glass Recycling


Our network of sites are permitted to handle all grades of glass waste. We offer glass haulage services utilising specialist skips designed to maximize payloads of glass and sand.

C.H. MIDDLETON  LTD is a leading Yorkshire based waste management company. Committed to increasing recycling and energy recovery we offer low cost glass haulage and recycling solutions as alternatives to disposing of glass waste.

We offer low price glass waste recycling solutions mainly to South Yorkshire and surrounding counties, for some customers we do have contracts further afield. Please get in touch to discus your requirements.

Materials recycled are generally crushed into cullet and turned back into glass sheet and products.

Contact us to see if we can provide you with a prompt and professional glass recycling service that satisfies your needs and helps the local economy. For more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail please call our friendly expert sales team on Doncaster: 01302 783 731.

Recycled Glass could be weighing down your disposal costs – by utilising our services and separating glass from your waste stream you can reduce the ever increasing costs of waste disposal.

Recycling Potential – Market Value Rebate

By utilising our services and sorting your glass into types and colours you will gain maximum value from your waste glass.

Sort It

Your waste glass needs to be sorted by type and colour to achieve the best rebate. This is because different chemicals need to be added to different coloured glass waste to produce recycled glass of the desired colour. 

As a rough guide the list below starts with the most valueable glass and ends with glass with least/no value:

 MAX £££

  • Plate Glass – Same Colour
  • Glass Bottles – Same  Colour  ( e.g. CLEAN – beer bottles, wine / spirit bottles, juice botles, food jars)
  • Glass Bottles – Mixed Colour  ( e.g. CLEAN – beer bottles, wine / spirit bottles, juice botles, food jars)
  • Windscreens
  • Laminate
  • Drinking Glasses
  • Mixed Plate Glass

 MIN £££

We Offer CASH Alternatives To Paying For Glass Disposal

  • Skip Hire:  Full range of Open and Lockable Enclosed Skips.
  • Glass Bins: EuroCarts / WheelieBins.

We strive to:

  • Save Our Customers Money.
  • Reduce Our Customers Carbon Footprint – Diverting Their Waste Away From Landfill.
  • Further Reduce Customers Carbon Footprint – Increasing The Amount Or Material Recovered From The Recycling Process.

FULLY AUDITED TRAIL. We provide a fully compliant audit trail, complete all paperwork and help reduce your administrative burden.


Bring Your Wood To Us

  • Bring your wood to our licensed facility for sorting / bulking / treatment.
  • You can fetch wood as segregated or mixed loads.

Hire A Skip For Wood Waste Or Mixed Waste Containing Wood.

  • Skips are a convenient option for removing unwanted / waste wood.
  • Open or Enclosed lockable skips are available.

Value Added Service With A Smile.

  1. FREE ADVICE – Give us a call and we will be happy to assist arranging your paperwork etc.
  2. FULLY AUDITED TRAIL – A full audit trail keeps you compliant and reduces  administrative burden.
  3. SAVING MONEY for our customers  – Our time served staff are happy to help guide you to a cost effective solution.
  4. REDUCING CARBON FOOTPRINT of our customers – Diverting their Waste away from landfill.
  5. FURTHER REDUCE CUSTOMERS CARBON FOOTPRINT– Increasing the amount or material recovered  from the recycling process.


  • Glass Cullet


  • Trees, stumps, timber off-cuts
  • Rafters, joists, other clean demolition timber
  • Workshop / sawmill off-cuts
  • All soft and hard woods
  • Mixed clean wood
  • Plywood
  • OSB and chipboard
  • MDF
  • Chipboard
  • Laminated flooring
  • Door blanks
  • Melamine and laminates
  • Hardboard
  • Floorboards

Contact us to see if our wood recycling services can provide an environmentally sound solution that helps the local economy, for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail please call our friendly expert sales team on Doncaster: 01302 783 731.


Mixed Waste and Segregated Glass Waste that we collect is processed, validated and sorted at our Waste Recycling Centre. Glass waste is identified, separated and graded by our waste handling operators. Your waste is then bulked up and prepared for re-use / recycling / transport to our suppliers.

Decontamination – Contamination causes reduces the quality, strength and structure of recycled glass  – Our suppliers screen and sort our loads of waste glass to ensure that metal bottle caps, paper card and plastic are removed, the glass may also be immersed to remove lables etc. Unauthorised ceramic contaminants are removed from the glass cullet via a process known as fine sizing. Finely ground glass cullet can be passed through various screens, leaving behind ceramic residues. The clean material is then processed into cullet.

Processing – The Glass is crushed and ground into tiny pieces. This finely crushed glass pieces are referred to as cullet.

Uses for Waste Glass – The cullet is melted and can be used in manufacturing recycled glass products like new glass containers, bottles etc.

Closed Loop Material – Glass is recycled over and over with hardly any deterioration in quality as glass doesn’t decompose.

Why Recycle Glass

Its Good For The Environment – Recycling glass is an environmentally sustainable option, the UK has a well-established secondary market with many applications for unwanted glass material.

Recycling Reduces Cost – Recycle glass to minimise costs for your business by avoiding rising landfill taxes and disposal charges.
Help Us Help You Recycle Your Waste – And We Will Lower Your Costs.

To Be Compliant – The segregation of waste is a legal requirement for most businesses. By recycling glass waste, you will be complying with the with EU Waste Directive and making a step towards compliance with the 2015 TEEP regulations.

Recycling Enhances Corporate and Social Responsibility – The good publicity that comes from recycling can be used for marketing, tenders and staff motivation: As a waste company we are finding that more and more Tenders require information about Sustainable Working / Corporate and Social Responsibility. Using our reuse/recycling service that also utilises local companies can be a powerful addition to your marketing… and might just separate you from your competition.

It Shows You Care – There is a lot of bad press about land-filled waste, incinerated waste, shredded waste and waste sent abroad. By recycling your glass waste through our services, we will ensure that your waste travels a minimum distance, has a low carbon footprint and utilise local suppliers.

Glass Recycled