Doncaster Recycling Facility

Whether you have a handful or a lorry load of waste, our fully licensed waste transfer and recycling station will accommodate your needs. This purpose-built transfer station is situated in Doncaster (South Yorkshire) and is registered and monitored by the Environment Agency. Designed and built to maximise recycling potential for our company and our customers and to minimise if not eliminate the effects of waste disposal on the environment. Our waste transfer station has drastically reduced the amount of waste that we and our customers send to landfill sites, minimising the carbon footprint of our company and our customers.

Waste Recycling is a major talking point we and our children will be affected by what is done with our Waste materials.

We have an ever expanding network of recycling and re-use companies providing us with new solutions every month and are involved in a number of innovative recycling projects where our aim is to:

  • Divert Waste From Landfill.
  • Explore Alternatives To Waste Disposal.
  • Introduce Lower Cost/Higher Profit Alternatives To The Current Market.

C. H. Middleton Ltd. are committed to improving the Recycling of Yorkshire’s Waste Streams and will offer your company free advice whether you are a customer or not.


Our happy customers enjoy the honest waste management options we provide whether it be low-cost, low environmental impact or both. We openly compare available waste solutions and undertake regular reviews of our customers waste costs.


We constantly seek out new avenues for the Waste streams of our customers for more effective solutions.

We strive to:

  • Save our customers money.
  • Reduce our customers Carbon Footprint – Diverting their Waste away from landfill.
  • Further reduce customers Carbon Footprint – Increasing the amount or material recovered from the recycling process.
  • Help Us Recycle Your Waste – Lower Your Costs.


Free / Low Cost Alternative To Waste Disposal

  • We offer free and low cost alternatives to disposing of most waste.
  • We are able to offer a very high market value for valuable waste material.


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