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It’s time the UK had a fuel price regulator!

Help Stop the Chronic Rip-Off Prices at the Fuel Pumps

Please help us to stop the petrol and diesel prices lottery, when oil prices change, by signing our Government PumpWatch ePetition

PumpWatch ePetition

MPs in the All Party Parliamentary Group for Fair Fuel for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers is supporting our call for the introduction of an Independent Pump Price Monitoring Body, we call PumpWatch. But we need to get a debate in Parliament to make it happen. And that’s where you come in.

Over 95% of our 1.7m supporters want such an independent body created, just like the consumer pricing watchdogs Ofgen, Ofcom and Ofwat, to ensure UK’s 37m drivers get pricing certainty every time they fill up.

When oil prices rise and fall, millions of UK drivers have absolutely no idea what subsequently, they will pay at the pumps each time they fill up their vehicle. It is never ever the same price!

Please forward this email to all you know so we can make PumpWatch a reality..

Don’t worry, we know the lions share of the pump price is tax. That’s not forgotten. FairFuelUK will continue to fight for the highest Duty in the world to be cut. In fact, thanks to your help in the Autumn Budget, we secured a 9th consecutive year of a Fuel Duty Freeze. Though, we can assure you, not without a huge fight with the Treasury.

PumpWatch ePetition

Background to why PumpWatch is needed

The Graph above is so telling:
2 months (Oct-Nov 2018) oil, wholesale and average retail prices for diesel.

There is no consistency, logic or clarity to the way pump prices are calculated. It remains a closely guarded secret in the fuel supply chain. In fact, if it wasn’t for the recent supermarkets’ forecourt price cuts, always lead by ASDA, prices at the pumps wouldn’t have fallen at all.

Here are some very sobering facts as to why we need PumpWatch:

  • In October 2018 alone, nearly £500,000,000 was held back from consumers at the pumps despite the fall of wholesale fuel prices.
  • In 7 weeks between October 3rd to November 30th, the wholesale price of diesel fell by 9.0%, yet pump prices hardly fell at all. Just 0.5%.
  • During the same period when wholesale petrol prices fell 11.2%, pump prices dropped only 5.1%.
  • On November 23rd, 2018, oil hit £45 per barrel. In the last 2 years, when oil correspondingly hit this price level on 31 different occasions, pump prices at these same market oil price, varied from £1.35 to £1.19 for diesel and £1.26 to £1.16 for petrol. That’s a variance of for diesel of 16p and petrol 10p per litre.
  • How can the price of fuel differ so much when oil is at precisely the same cost per barrel?

The perpetual fleecing of 37m UK drivers when they fill up goes unchecked by a Government afraid to take on the oil companies and forego the extra VAT generated because of high pump prices.

PumpWatch ePetition

Many thanks for your help – Have a fabulous festive break,
and hugely prosperous New Year

Howard Cox and Quentin Willson

ePetition Link is:
Tel: 07515 421611
FairFuelUK, 1 Rammell Mews, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 3BQ

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