C H Middleton Limited, a Doncaster based Waste Disposal company, are celebrating their Golden Anniversary this year (yes, they have survived thus far for 50 years!!).

Despite their success they are not immune from the ‘credit crunch’ and were forced into making a number of staff redundant.  Irrespective of this the friendly family atmosphere is being maintained and recently members of the office staff, Carol, Julie and Pam, entered into the spirit of the occasion and came to work dressed ready for ‘bed’ and during the course of the day raised in excess of £100 for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity in response to Real Radios promotion.

On 21 May 2009, the company’s 50th anniversary date, the ‘girls’ ‘undressed’ for the occasion and turned up for work in their ‘birthday suits’.  This opportunity was taken to raise funds for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.  Customers made contributions during the day and the fine sum of £336 was raised (this little known charity was selected as the Sister in Law of Julie, Joanne Carr, suffers from this life threatening condition).

A BIG thank you to the ‘girls’ and our customers’, on behalf of the company and from the charities that have benefited.


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