Can I Have A Skip On The Road In Doncaster

We often get asked if you can put a skip on the road / highway. The answer is Yes – if all 4 main legal conditions below are met (for your protection in case of 3rd party accident):

The requirements are laid out in the Highways Act 1980.

If you / the skip hire company ignore the highways act then the local council can:

– Charge fines and call out / investigation fees.

– Have the skip removed before it is filled!

All Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham Skip Permits are now tracked online.


We have had a recent flurry of new customers who have hired a skip of ourselves because the skip they hired from elsewhere has been taken away before it was full. We believe the council workers / enforcers can now check instantly if your skip has a permit and remove it if it has no permit – please don’t make this expensive mistake!


1 – Permit

By Law you need a permit from the Local Council if you wish to have a skip on a public road.

Unfortunately Local Councils charge upto £180 for one and you must apply in advance.

Fortunately for locals, South Yorkshire councils generally charge around £20 (North Yorkshire charges are around £70). The permits last for 1 or 2 weeks.


Doncaster Council Road Permits have gone up in price – and from May 2013 will expire after 7 days!


2 – Lights

By Law the skip will require lights on each end of the skip.

– This we can provide (included in Road Permit / Admin fee).


3 – Cones

By Law you will need to place at least 2 road cones on the approach side of the skip.

– This we can provide (included in Road Permit / Admin fee).


4 – Skip Requirement

By Law the skip must be:

a) painted Yellow at each end.

b) clearly marked with the skip owner name and telephone number.

c) fitted with vertical red and yellow fluorescent reflective markings complying with BS AU152:1970.

d) collected not later than two working days after it has been filled.

– All our Skips meet the above requirements to be placed on the road.


e) no wider than 2 Metres and no longer than 5 (exemptions vary from council to council on individual basis).

– Our Skips that meet condition “e)” are labelled on our website – our staff will also be able to inform you which of our skips can be placed on the highway.


Also, Skips placed on the road must not contain any inflammable, explosive, toxic or other dangerous materials or anything which is likely to cause a nuisance to road users. Please do not place any of these items in our skips.


Don’t Worry – We can arrange permits and lights for an admin fee of around £10.