We can supply Portable and Static Compactors in a range of sizes and power configurations. Alternatively if you have your own equipment we can supply you with a Compactor Bin or service your skip.


Bin lifts and hoppers can be fitted to aide loading waste into the compactor and guard rails are available to help protect employees from injury


COMPACTOR BINS - High Capacity 35 CuYd

Our Static Compactor Bins / Skips are designed to fit most types of static compaction equipment.

Although a waste compaction ratio of 9:1 is possible, we find that our customers are realistically achieving wastes compaction ratio's of between 4:1 and 6:1 when combining a compactor with our compactor bin.

Internally our bins are a conical shape which guarantees us a trouble free empty; ensuring a quick turn around and minimal downtime for our customers.



Static Compactors offer the most bang per buck and are able to better stand the test of time. This is because the compaction equipment does not need to be lifted by a lorry when the waste requires emptying - meaning the skip / bin is bigger and the compactor can be made to a heavy duty spec. rather than a lightweight one! The Skip/s Bins can also be exchanged meaning you will be able to use your compactor 24/7. A hard, level, standing area is required to use a static compactor and compactor bin / skip


- Best Bang Per Buck.

- Many Loading Configurations

- Compact Higher Volumes Of Waste.

- No Gap In Waste Disposal Service.



A Portable, or a Mobile Waste Compactors work in a similar way to a Static Compactor but, unlike a static, the container and compaction unit are combined as one. When a Portable compactor is full, the waste contractor lifts the whole unit and returns it again when empty. Portables are ideal for those customers with limited space or access.


- Require Smaller Footprint.

- More Easily Re-Sited



please phone 01302 783 731 EXT.1 for advice regarding compactors.