Tickhill Skip Hire

Our Skip Hire company specialises in waste disposal and recycling in Doncaster and surrounding areas.


Why we are different - All our skips are Easyfill Skips.

  • Our skips are long with low sides rather than short and tall; making it easier to load them without injury.
  • The whole rear end opens up removing the need to lift items over the sides.


Unlike everyone else - We deliver and collect on time every time (well nearly).

  • We run our own fleet - therefore we can re-arrange our schedules to meet your needs.
  • You give us a time we'll be there!

We offer all of our services to private individuals as well as trade and commerce. We have one of the largest and widest range of mini, midi, builders, bulk and enclosed skips in Yorkshire; and along with our impeccable service this means we can offer you the right solution for your waste management and skip hire needs no matter how large or small your requirements.

Roro Skip Hire

Easy Fill Skips - Full Width Back Door Access

C .H. Middleton Ltd. exclusively use RoRo Easyfill skips. This type of skip gives you full wheelbarrow / dumper access via 2 rear "barn doors".

  • The whole rear end opens up removing the need to lift items over the sides.
  • We own one of Doncaster's largest/widest range of mindy, midi, builders, bulk skips.
  • Our skips are long with low sides rather than short and tall; making it easier to load them without injury.

We can also offer Secure Enclosed Lockable Skips of which some have wheelbarrow access.

More Skip For Your Money

Our skips are all RORO design which helps to reduce the space/voids left in your skip which may unknowingly be costing you money. Middleton skips may also be filled up to the headboard with light waste giving you extra capacity within a small footprint.

Our customers find that our skips can generally hold around 33% more bulk than the equivalent "Bucket Skip".


The advantages of our RORO Skips are:

  • By Filling Our RORO Up To The Headboard With Light bulky Waste You Can Get Around An Additional 33% More Waste In Than The Equivalent "Bucket Skip".
  • Low Sides - Easier To Fill.easy fill skip hire
  • Walk In Access Via Rear "BARN DOORS".

The following skip sizes are available to hire in the Doncaster area:

5 to 40 Cubic Yard - Open EasyFill Skips.

9 to 35 Cubic Yard - Lockable / Enclosed Skips.


FREE Rental - Doncaster And Surrounding Areas.

We like to ensure that we always have reserve skips in stock for last minute orders and customer emergencies such as site inspections or because your house clearance was rained off and you wish to keep the skip until next weekend.

As we always have skips in stock we offer a 2 week rent free period to everyone:

E.g. 1 - If you hire a skip, fill it, and pay to have it collected within a fortnight - there will be no extra rental charge.

E.g. 2 - If you hire a skip for any length of time requiring a number of empties and the skip is emptied at least once a fortnight rental charges will not be applied.

Contract Hire - Extended periods of free rental can be negotiated subject to size of contract and current availability of skips / containers.

Yorkshire Skip Hire - Large Selection - Sameday Service

We "OWN" & use up to 18 skip lorries at any one time, utilising around 450 skips & containers. All our vehicles are maintained in-house at out Doncaster Skip Hire depot and we have on standby spare vehicles to ensure continuity of service to our customers.

At peak we empty in excess of 1,000 skip containers per month. Such is the flexibility of our service that up to 70% of our daily workload can be made up of orders received on that day. By scheduling your waste collection you will be able to maximise the filling of your skip thus reducing your costs. You can also minimise the vehicular movements on your site and amount of time our skip is at your site.

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T-Local skip hire in Doncaster






For Friendly Helpful Skip Hire Advice - Call: 01302 783 731

Yorkshire waste recycling



Save MORE Money - Bring your waste to our Doncaster Transfer Station:

 Doncaster Waste Recycling MRF - Doncaster Waste Disposal.


  • All Our Skips Are Easy To Fill RoRo Skips.
  • All Our Skips Have Full Width Wheelbarrow Access.
  • Large Capacity Skips - Upto 40 Cubic Yard.
  • Full Range Of Builders Skips - Upto 15 Tonnes.
  • Skip Delivery And Collection Times Tailored To Your Needs.
  • Friendly Knowledgeable Staff To Help You Minimise Waste Costs.
  • Full Easy To Follow Audit Trail.
  • Sameday Service - Same Friendly Smile.

All Wastes Handled - We Offer A One-Stop-Shop.



Important Information


 - FREE Waste Audits For Local Businesses

 - MORE FREE Wood For Collection

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